New IRS Trap for Foreign-Owned Single Member LLCs - $25,000 Penalties...
Written by James Baker February 9th, 2019
New LLC Rules
The IRS regulations issued as of 12/13/2016 (found here) changed how the IRS treats Foreign Owned Single Member LLCs. While these regulations aren't "new" anymore, they are being overlooked and people are not complying. This is a problem because the penalties for noncompliance were just increased to $25,000 per form.
How Trump's Tax Plan Provides "Exceptional Benefits" to International Investors
Written by Eldar Mata on March 20th 2018
Trump tax plan, international investors
The tax plan being proposed by President Donald Trump and the Republican party has been getting much fanfare in recent weeks. The Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code (referred to as the "Big Six" tax plan) is touted as a "middle class tax cut" but instead appears to be a huge break for foreign investors....
U.S. Estate Taxes For Non Residents - If You Own Assets in the U.S., You May Have To Pay
Written by James Baker August 21, 2018
It's not always easy to talk about estate tax planning with clients. It is an emotional topic and even more difficult when health is already an issue. But the reality is, if you are a Non Resident of the U.S. and you have assets located in the U.S., you could have a huge estate tax bill to pay...
US Non-resident Tax Traps - A Simple Property Transfer is Never Simple
Written by James Baker May 7th, 2018
I'm writing this report today to touch on an issue I've been seeing often. I work with international (Non-resident) real estate (RE) investors and I consult on US tax compliance. I receive many questions from prospective clients who want to change the structure of their businesses. The two most common situations are investors moving assets out of a corporation or into a corporation. There are different reasons an investor may want to do this. The most popular are...
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